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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The topic for this meeting is inspired by the 2014 EPIP Conference panel discussion on race, gender, and philanthropy. A review of ABFE’s paper The Exit Interview: Perceptions on Why Black Professionals Leave Grantmaking Institutions will also be discussed.

This survey shows a clear relationship between a focus on racial equity and good grantmaking and governance practices. Even though a growing number of funders are focusing on racial equity, foundation boards and staff lack racial diversity. To be powerful allies in the movement for racial equity, leanly staffed foundations must evaluate themselves first.

This report by the Council on Foundations and part of their Values Aligned Philanthropy project, looks at the eco-system provide a baseline for identifying gaps, best practices, and next steps to addressing this problem.

This second edition of the Diversity Among Philanthropic Professionals (DAPP) Report offers a snapshot of the philanthropic sector’s workforce in a very specific space and time — in the chaotic year that was 2020.

Audience: All Funders

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published this collection of resources, perspectives, and articles on how racism affects our collective and individual health.

Audience: All Funders

Responding to the urgency of this moment in time, Asset Funder Network’s new brief is reimagining and building on past recommendations to map more just paths to economic resilience moving forward.

This “How to Collect and Share DEI Data” guide is a resource for the field and has been written with nonprofits who want to start collecting their organization’s data in mind.

Audience: All Funders

The 2020 New Jersey Philanthropy Benefits & Salary Report provides a valuable benchmarking resource. Developed and compiled for CNJG members exclusively, the report presents comprehensive benefits data specific to New Jersey's grantmaking community, alongside data from the Council on Foundations' annual salary survey

Audience: All Funders

This report offers practical ways of inspiring action so you can integrate equity into your foundation’s DNA.

Audience: All Funders

We provide space for our members to connect, learn and share together on how to effectively address racial equity in their work as philanthropy-serving organizations (PSOs), and works to share our members’ learnings with the broader philanthropy field. As part of these efforts, we are pleased to share case stories from our members about their racial equity work.