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COF Grantmaker Salary & Benefits Survey

COF Grantmaker Salary & Benefits Survey

CNJG encourages its membership to participate in the Council on Foundations’ annual salary survey.

The Council on Foundations’ 2023 Grantmaker Salary and Benefits (GSB) Survey is now open.

Since 1980, the GSB has provided the sector with the most comprehensive data on staff composition and compensation in the United States. Grantmakers rely on the findings from this annual survey to plan budgets, benchmark personnel policies and practices, determine salary levels for new and existing staff, and more. Those who complete the survey will receive a free copy of the report (a $598 value), early access to the report’s data tables, and access to create custom benchmark reports.

The survey closes on May 25, 2023, and survey participants will gain early access to the data in September. CoF’s full survey will publish in fall 2023. More information and the survey may be found on the Council on Foundations' website.

Membership is not required with either Council on Foundations or Council of New Jersey Grantmakers to participate in the survey. For more information including a list of FAQs, visit the Council on Foundations' website or email the Council on Foundations communications team.

CNJG incorporates the data from this annual survey into our triennial Philanthropy Benefits & Salary Summary Report, most recently published in 2020. CNJG plans to update our report in 2023 again using the data from the Council on Foundations’ survey. CNJG encourages our members to complete this survey each year, as this benchmarking data is frequently asked for by our members. The more foundations and other philanthropic organizations we have complete the survey, the better data we will all have.

For additional information or questions, please contact Craig Weinrich at CNJG.