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Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, CNJG members have asked what can philanthropy do, either to prepare or to respond. CNJG has gathered a number of articles, resources, and events that philanthropy should know about. Information is rapidly changing and new webinars, articles, and resources are published daily. If you see or hear of helpful information, please let us know, so we can add to this list.

CNJG is also helping track philanthropy’s response to the coronavirus pandemic by continuing our “Get on the Map” Campaign partnership with Candid who has launched a new coronavirus map in response to funders requests. As you can see the information they have collected is not complete, and this is where we need your help! Please visit our Share Your Giving Data webpage for information about how to share your COVID-19 grants data. It is critical to be transparent and share this information with other funders to help inform your philanthropy in the coming weeks and months. Knowing where money is going and how, and having the latest information from organizations, facilitates thoughtful collaboration and decision-making in times of crisis.

CNJG Response

Webinars presented by CNJG and other Philanthropy Serving Organizations

April 24 - July 31 - Grantmakers for Education: Out-of-School Time Impact Group COVID-19 Call Series
June 2 - Aspen Institute: Ratcheting Up Rural Response, Recovery and Resilience: Five Good Ideas for Philanthropy Right Now
June 8 - Funders Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities: Advancing Water Equity in Coronavirus Recovery
June 8 - Funders Together to End Homelessness: Anti-Blackness and Transformative Organizing in the Time of COVID-19
June 9 - Center for Disaster Philanthropy: COVID-19 Series: Grantmaking to Support Children and Older Adults
June 8 - Grantmakers in the Arts: Coronavirus Response: Building a Future That Reimagines Systems for Justice
June 23 - Center for Disaster Philanthropy: COVID-19 Series: Managing a Global Response

Held February 13 - Center for Disaster Philanthropy: Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Philanthropy’s Role in Recovery Video
Held March 4 - Minnesota Council on Foundations: Coronavirus Webinar Video or Download Webinar Slides
Held March 5 - Center for Disaster Philanthropy: COVID-19 Coronavirus: How Philanthropy Can Respond Video
Held March 12 - Philanthropy NY: Preparing for COVID-19: Philanthropy’s Response in Times of Crisis Webinar Video
Held March 12 - Council on Foundations: Sharing Approaches to COVID-19 Community Response Video or Download Webinar Slides
Held March 26 - Center for Disaster Philanthropy: COVID-19: Past Epidemics and Vulnerability - Lessons for Funders Video or Download Webinar Slides
Held March 27 - National Center for Family Philanthropy: Family Philanthropy’s Response to COVID-19 Video
Held April 14 - Center for Disaster Philanthropy: COVID-19: Making Effective Rapid Response Grants Video or Download Webinar Slides
Held April 28 - Center for Disaster Philanthropy: COVID-19: Managing Multiple Disasters Amid the Pandemic Video
Held May 7 - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Framing COVID-19 - Communications Toolbox

CNJG Member Actions

News articles showing members philanthropic responses to the coronavirus pandemic which include announcements, emails, blogs, grants given and other resources gathered by and for our members.

New Jersey Focused Response Funds

A list of all of the response funds that foundations and philanthropic organizations have set up to help local communities, residents, non-profits, and businesses throughout New Jersey and news of the grants being awarded by each fund.

PSO, State, and Government Resources

Resources gathered from our colleagues at other philanthropy-serving organizations, state associations of nonprofits, and city, state and federal governments.

State and National COVID-19 News Articles

Some of the top COVID-19 news stories, centrally located for easy access.



CNJG is providing this information free to the philanthropic community. We, however, rely on membership dues and grants to underwrite the costs of aggregating this information, and delivering all our programs and services for the philanthropic community. If you are not yet a member, please do consider joining today, and take advantage of all that CNJG membership offers.