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What CNJG Can Do for You

Foundations of all types and sizes are engaging in grantmaking efforts with a complexity that often calls for input from colleagues. CNJG is the go-to center for information, connection, and leadership among a growing network of grantmakers throughout New Jersey.

We are connectors, conveners, knowledge brokers, facilitators and collaborators. We are a network serving Family Foundations, Private Foundations, Corporate Grantmakers, Public/Government Grantmakers, Giving Circles, Federated Funds, Trusts, and Family Office Advisors. CNJG's membership works toward the shared goals of improved practice, expanded impact through collective action, and most importantly, stronger communities.

98% of CNJG members with an opinion say CNJG 

  • Provides access to programming they wouldn’t find elsewhere
  • Makes them better philanthropy practioners
  • Has high quality programming
  • Provides access to relationships and collaborations they wouldn’t have established otherwise.
  • Meets or exceeds their expectations for membership 

Corporate Foundations

Corporate Foundations and Giving programs work smarter and extend the reach of their philanthropic dollars through CNJG. We provide:

  • Benchmarking tools and data to help you set goals and measure impact.
  • Broad access to peer funders, influential leaders and legislative decision-makers throughout New Jersey.
  • Cost-effective, local, high-quality knowledge-building programs that will boost your operational effectiveness – available online and in person.
  • The latest news and information that impacts and drives corporate philanthropy locally and around the world.
  • Affinity groups that deepen your understanding of needs and opportunities in areas that align with your corporate giving mission, including our newest affinity group – the New Jersey Corporate Network.
  • Listserves that enable you to connect to not only other corporate funders, but other grantmaking colleagues on different issues and/or geographic areas.

“The Council provides a network where I can tap into colleagues who may have valuable experience with an issue, grantee or vendor. In addition, Council research can prove extremely useful for any number of decisions, large or small.” -Etta Denk, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Bank of America

“The programs and seminars that CNJG produces are always substantive.  From a professional development point of view Council membership is extremely cost effective.“ –Marion O’Neill, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, PSEG

Family Foundations

Family foundations represent approximately one-third of the membership of the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers. Join CNJG and you will:

  • Have the opportunity to participate in monthly  interactive webinars featuring presentations and Q&A sessions with nationally recognized experts in different areas of family philanthropy. Presented in partnership with the National Center for Family Philanthropy, these webinars take place on the second Thursday of each month.
  • Have complimentary access to Family Philanthropy Online — a web-based knowledge center that provides practical advice and knowledge on a variety of relevant topics. Continually updated, the site provides members with access to the latest resources to inform their philanthropic efforts. Logged in CNJG members may access Family Philanthropy Online directly from our website through our members-only portal.
  • Participate in Affinity Groups that deepen your understanding of needs and opportunities in areas within your foundation’s giving mission.
  • Connect to the experience, knowledge and best practices of other grantmakers throughout the country.
  • Get access to discounts on board liability insurance, technology and industry publications.
  • Take advantage of CNJG’s vast library of how-to resources.
  • Attend cost-effective, local, high-quality knowledge-building programs that will boost your operational effectiveness – online, by phone and in person. 
  • Save on CNJG’s signature events featuring national experts, workshops focused on skill-building and best practices, and networking opportunities.
  • Meet influential leaders and legislative decision-makers throughout New Jersey.

“One of the greatest benefits has been the opportunity to meet people who are working in much larger foundations...people who are doing things on a different scale, and to be able to hear what they’re doing and learn from them.” -Sharon Karmazin, President, The Karma Foundation

“Our CNJG membership has helped us to be more effective and efficient grantmakers, and allows us to tap into the expertise of the broader philanthropic community.” -Bill Gibson, Trustee, Leavens Foundation

“Access to the Family Foundation teleconferences has been helpful. What we have listened to has been good, engaged  discussion germane to family foundations, in particular issues around multi-generational family philanthropy and the dynamics on such Boards.” - Dillard Kirby, President & Director, F.M. Kirby Foundation

Out of State Funders

Organizations and individuals (as defined on the Eligibility & Criteria page) headquartered outside of New Jersey that provide charitable funding in New Jersey can stay informed of the latest news and important information regarding New Jersey’s philanthropic community through membership in CNJG. As membership is organization-based, any of your representatives, including staff and trustees located in or near New Jersey, are welcome to attend our programs.

Please note that dues for out-of-state funders are based only on your giving in New Jersey.

Private Donors

Private donors who are unaffiliated with a private or family foundation, or whose giving assets might be held with a Community Foundation or other donor advised funds, may join CNJG and engage with other grantmakers to enhance their personal giving.


To learn more about CNJG membership, contact Craig Weinrich at (609) 414-7110 x802