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The CNJG board is comprised of 20 leaders who come from CNJG member organizations and are elected by the CNJG membership. Each board member provides guidance and leadership to CNJG by serving up to two 3-year terms.

Photo taken after CNJG Annual Meeting on December 14, 2023.

Front Row: Dr. Kortney Swanson Davis, Paul Stierhoff, Christine Healey, Maisha Simmons, Theresa Jacks, Kate Barrett, Margarethe Laurenzi, Marianna Schaffer, Justin Kizek, Melissa Litwin
Back Row: Patricia Hartpence, Andy Fraizer, Lucy Vandenberg, Catherine Wilson, Craig Drinkard, Paul DiLorenzo, Maria Spina, Jeremy Grunin, Marcy Felsenfeld, Priti Mehta
Not Pictured: Jasmyne Beckford

CNJG Board Members  

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Craig Drinkard, Chair, Victoria Foundation

Christine Healey, 1st Vice Chair, The Healey Education Foundation, Inc.

Justin Kiczek, 2nd Vice Chair, F. M. Kirby Foundation

Maisha Simmons, Secretary, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Catherine Wilson, Treasurer, United Way of Greater Newark

Kate Barrett, The Campbell’s Foundation

Jasmyne Beckford, The Prudential Foundation

Kortney Swanson Davis, Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation

Paul DiLorenzo, Salem Health and Wellness Foundation

Marcy Felsenfeld, The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey

Andy Fraizer, Community Foundation of South Jersey

Jeremy Grunin, Grunin Foundation

Patricia Hartpence, NJM Insurance Group

Margarethe Laurenzi, Maher Charitable Foundation

Melissa Litwin, The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation

Priti Mehta, Investors Foundation

Marianna Schaffer, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Maria Spina, PSEG Foundation

Paul Stierhoff, The Henry S. and Agnes M. Truzack Foundation

Lucy Vandenberg, Schumann Fund for New Jersey

Theresa Jacks, President & CEO, Council of New Jersey Grantmakers – ex officio


The Board of Trustees are supported by the work of 8 different committees.