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The CNJG board is comprised of 20 leaders who come from CNJG member organizations and are elected by the CNJG membership. Each board member provides guidance and leadership to CNJG by serving up to two 3-year terms.

Photo taken during Zoom board meeting on December 14, 2021

Top Row: Jeffrey Vega, Craig Drinkard, Michael Unger, Maria Vizcarrondo (staff), Justin Kiczek
2nd Row: Lucy Vandenberg, Rene Deida, Paul Stierhoff, Catherine Wilson, Craig Weinrich (staff)
3rd Row: Theresa Jacks (staff), Anna D’Elia (staff), Kevin Callghan (staff), Ilene Cutroneo (staff)
Bottom Row: Andy Fraizer, Priti Mehta
Not pictured: Kate Barrett, Kortney Swanson Davis, Diane Hagerman, Patricia Hartpence, Christine Healey, Margarethe Laurenzi, Melissa Litwin, Marianna Schaffer, Maisha Simmons, Atiya Weiss


CNJG Board Members

Jeffrey Vega, Chair, Princeton Area Community Foundation

Craig Drinkard, 1st Vice Chair, Victoria Foundation

Christine Healey, 2nd Vice Chair, The Healey Education Foundation, Inc.

Maisha Simmons, Secretary, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Michael Unger, Treasurer, The Atlantic Foundation

Kate Barrett, Campbell Soup Foundation

Kortney Swanson Davis, Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation

René Deida, The Prudential Foundation

Andy Fraizer, Community Foundation of South Jersey

Diane Hagerman, New Jersey Health Initiatives

Patricia Hartpence, NJM Insurance Group

Justin Kiczek, F. M. Kirby Foundation

Margarethe Laurenzi, Maher Charitable Foundation

Melissa Litwin, The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation

Priti Mehta, Investors Foundation

Marianna Schaffer, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Paul Stierhoff, The Henry S. and Agnes M. Truzack Foundation

Lucy Vandenberg, The Schumann Fund for New Jersey

Atiya Weiss, The Burke Foundation

Catherine Wilson, United Way of Greater Newark

Theresa Jacks, Acting President & CEO, Council of New Jersey Grantmakers – ex officio

Board Committees

Membership in the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers offers grantmakers the opportunity to deepen their experience with the organization by serving on a Board committee. Committee members lead, recommend and develop policies that help us shape our organization. The commitment level for each committee varies, and includes an expectation that members will participate in regularly scheduled meetings and/or conference calls, as well as be willing to participate in independent projects as they arise. Members usually join those committees best suited to their professional strengths.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Trustees in overseeing the selection and performance of the Council’s independent auditors, the quality and integrity of the Council’s financial reporting, its fiscal controls and tax and regulatory compliance and compliance with its code of conduct. An audit or finance background/experience is most desirable for members of this Committee.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the Board of Trustees with all financial policies and strategies, including but not limited to: consultation and review of the annual budget(s), reviewing and monitoring financial reporting, approving and monitoring investments and approving significant financial policies. A background in finance and financial operations is most desirable for members of this Committee.

Governance & Strategic Direction Committee

The Governance/Strategic Direction Committee serves a dual purpose, its members guide the annual process of selecting a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors and they participate in planning work to further the Council’s mission, vision and strategic direction. This Committee also proposes which Board members will become officers including Chairman, two Vice Chairmen, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Member Engagement Committee

The Member Engagement Committee works with the staff to recruit and retain members. Committee members assist in identifying new prospects, setting up and participating in introductory meetings, and keeping prospective members informed of upcoming CNJG programs. It also collaborates with staff members to develop the structure and strategy of both membership recruitment and retention activities.

Program Committee

The Program Committee helps plan and evaluate CNJG's Signature Events including the Annual Meeting & Holiday Luncheon, Spring Colloquium or Spring Conference, and Investment Forum. Its members also assist with other (non Affinity Group) meetings throughout the year such as Funder Briefings and special opportunities.

Public Policy & Leadership Committee

Our Policy & Leadership Committee advises the Council on public policy matters as appropriate and develops recommendations on specific legislation or proposed regulatory activity.