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COVID-19 Funders Briefings

COVID-19 Funders Briefings


CNJG hosts regular briefings where funders hear from government officials, disaster recovery and health experts, nonprofit leaders, funders, and other stakeholders dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The briefings provide an opportunity to share how colleagues are changing grantmaking practices for rapid response, learn about new policies and government actions, and connect with local leaders who work with people whose financial, physical, and mental health suffers due to COVID-19. Series I topics included food insecurity, mapping response funding, racial health disparities, federal and state policy, and updates from New Jersey response funds and Rapid Response Surveys, completed in partnership with the Center for Non-Profits in March, April, and July 2020.


Funders Briefing on New Jersey's COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: The Latest Updates and Critical Information - March 1, 2021

Join Deborah Cornavaca, Deputy Chief of Staff of Outreach to Governor Murphy for a general information session on the vaccine rollout in New Jersey, and to provide you with comprehensive updates and answer questions.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series II: Preparing for Remote Work in 2021 and Beyond - December 14, 2020

This briefing looks towards the future of remote work.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series II: A Conversation with HUD: The Cares Act and COVID Response in New Jersey - November 23, 2020

Updates on CARES Act Funding and other HUD related programs and resources critical to COVID recovery and relief.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series II: Advancing Immigrant Justice During the Pandemic - November 9, 2020

Learn why your organization’s response to COVID must uplift immigrants and their families – now and for the future.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series II: Disability Inclusion and Justice During COVID-19 - October 26, 2020

Learn how to support a disability-inclusive response to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series II: The Vital Role of NJ Local News and Information - October 13, 2020

Learn how your grantmaking organization can support local news that serves New Jersey communities by providing trusted information, while promoting equity and justice.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series II: What We’re Learning from COVID-19: Funding Strategies for Pandemics - September 14, 2020

Learn how to meet ongoing critical needs, support resiliency, and prepare for COVID-19 recovery.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series: The Policy Response to COVID-19 - May 18, 2020

Brandon McKoy, President of New Jersey Policy Perspective, gave an overview of federal and state policies responding to the COVID-19 crisis, with a special focus on how these policies affect nonprofits, vulnerable communities, and the state budget.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series: Combating Food Insecurity amid the Coronavirus Outbreak - May 11, 2020

Information on how COVID-19 is exacerbating food insecurity in New Jersey and how philanthropy can support solutions to reduce hunger in the wake of this crisis.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series: Addressing the COVID-19 Racial Health Disparity - May 4, 2020

Exploration of how philanthropy can help reduce the disproportionate harm that black communities in New Jersey experience from COVID-19.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series: Keeping Up with the Latest NJ Response Funds - April 27, 2020

An overview of the purpose and progress of four different COVID-19 funds and assistance programs.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series: Mapping COVID-19 Funding with Candid & Rapid Response Survey Update - April 20, 2020

Details on how funders can  share COVID-19 grants data with Candid to help coordinate and inform all NJ Grantmakers' efforts for coronavirus response and relief.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series: New Jersey’s Response to COVID-19 - April 13, 2020

Deborah Cornavaca, Deputy Chief of Staff for Outreach to Governor Murphy, explained how the administration is addressing a range of  complex issues related to mitigation, protecting our state’s most vulnerable, and working with partners on the ground.

COVID-19 Funders Briefing Series: Fighting Coronavirus Together with the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund - April 6, 2020

A discussion of the goals and activities of the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.

How Philanthropy Can Support COVID-19 Response and Relief in New Jersey - March 20, 2020

Results of the rapid-response survey scanning the needs of the nonprofit sector, and funders sharing strategies during.