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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Many of your organization's key priorities — innovative grantmaking, sound management and governance, strategic partnerships — are of paramount concern to other New Jersey philanthropies as well. CNJG is the go-to center for information, connection, and leadership among a growing network of grantmakers throughout New Jersey. Members have access to targeted benefits and services and a powerful link to fellow funders who share a commitment to addressing critical issues affecting citizens and communities across the state.

Member Benefits

  • Network: We provide opportunities to share experiences, ideas, and expertise among funders 
  • Advocate: We represent grantmakers’ concerns and interests with local, state and national policymakers 
  • Educate: We provide access to high quality resources, information and tools to teach the best and most effective practice 
  • Promote: We magnify the voice and tell the story of philanthropy’s impact 
  • Convene: We foster an environment for collaborative action 
  • Lead: We broker innovative, philanthropic responses to the needs in our state

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Foundation Salary & Benefits Survey

Produced every few years this highly referenced benchmarking report is a highly valued benefit of CNJG memberships.


Distributed at the start of each month, CNJG News provides timely information on members, member benefits, job announcements, and more.

CNJG for the Field

Distributed the third week of the month, CNJG for the Field arrives with news about leadership, policy updates, the latest research, events of interest, and more.

Corporate Brief

Distributed every two weeks to the contacts of all CNJG’s corporate members, the brief offers links to articles that help you learn more about CSR and how to get the best results from your giving.

Family Ties

A monthly e-publication specifically for CNJG’s family foundation members offers helpful articles, news, and tips for managing the unique needs of this brand of philanthropy.

Knowledge Bank

CNJG offers an online Knowledgebase (digital library) providing access to vetted content from foundations across the country.  Here you will find a wealth of sample documents, reports, and other resources of interest. The Knowledgebase is a collection solely for the use of our Members and features resources from 33 regional associations, their 4,000 grantmaking foundation members, and colleague philanthropic partners.  

Lending Library

Located within CNJG's offices, the CNJG library contains more than 900 books, research papers, and other publications related to grantmaking, funding issue areas, and foundation management and operations. Strong partnerships with colleague organizations such as the Council on Foundations, National Center for Family Philanthropy and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations enable CNJG to continually update the library with quality publications catering to the needs of all types of foundations.

For additional information about items currently available in the CNJG library, contact Craig Weinrich at (609) 341-2022 ext. 4215.

Member Query

In order to share best practices among CNJG members, CNJG staff will pose a question originating from a CNJG member to the membership in an effort to collect best practice information about different aspects of philanthropy and grantmaking. This allows for the sharing of our members’ collective expertise and experience with colleagues.

To learn more about CNJG membership, contact Craig Weinrich at (609) 341-2022 ext. 4215.