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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Many of your organization's key priorities — innovative grantmaking, sound management and governance, strategic partnerships — are of paramount concern to other New Jersey philanthropies as well. CNJG is the go-to center for information, connection, and leadership among a growing network of grantmakers and philanthropic organizations throughout New Jersey.  Members have access to exclusive benefits and services and a powerful link to fellow funders who share a commitment to addressing critical issues affecting citizens and communities across the state.

Show your support of CNJG by adding a Proud Member of CNJG Logo to your website.

Memberships are for the entire organization, so your entire philanthropic team (staff, trustees, and more) can access these benefits:

CNJG Programs

CNJG offers over 80 programs per year that focus on peer learning, best practices, professional development, networking, and updates on certain topics that affect and influence your work. Most are free for members, and members receive a significant discount to any programs with a fee. Read about the different events and programs we offer.

Highlights of Website

Online Resources - hundreds of resources, tools, documents, templates and more to assist you in your work.

Information on philanthropy’s response to COVID; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion work; disaster response, mapping your grants; our 2023 New Jersey Philanthropy Benefits and Salary Summary Report, and past CNJG work.

Find and connect to your peers using our online member directory. Only logged-in CNJG members can see full contact information for member organizations and their staff and/or trustees.

See on a map where funding is going and how to share your grants data.

Discover peers funding in similar areas through Affinity Groups and corresponding listserves.

CNJG members can post available philanthropic jobs at their organizations for free.

CNJG offers discounts to our members on a variety of products and services for grantmaking organizations.

Public Policy Updates and Advocacy

CNJG keeps its members informed of public policies that affect grantmaking institutions and their non-profit partners. Members can attend Foundations on the Hill and Policyworks, or read about CNJG’s work on the 2020 Census.

Newark Philanthropic Liaison

A model for the country, CNJG’s Newark Philanthropic Liaison, in collaboration with Newark’s Office of the Mayor, harnesses interest, attracts resources, and fosters greater effectiveness towards policy and programmatic areas affecting Newark’s residents.


CNJG News: Emailed at the start of each month, CNJG News provides timely information on members, member benefits, job announcements, and more. Please share your grants news, personnel changes, and announcements with us to include!

Upcoming Programs: Bi-monthly emails promoting events for members.

Corporate Philanthropy Brief: Distributed monthly to the contacts of all CNJG’s corporate members, the brief offers links to articles that help you learn more about CSR and how to get the best results from your giving.

Family Ties: A monthly e-publication specifically for CNJG’s family foundation members offers helpful articles, news, and tips for managing the unique needs of this brand of philanthropy.

You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


2023 New Jersey Philanthropy Benefits & Salary Summary Report: Produced every three years, this detailed benchmarking report is a highly valued benefit of CNJG membership.

Disaster Philanthropy Playbook: A partnership with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, in association with the United Philanthropy Forum, the Disaster Philanthropy Playbook website, created in response to Superstorm Sandy, aims to bring together a meaningful compilation of early stage ideas, tested models and innovative strategies employed by funders throughout the world.

Facing Our Future looked at the systemic, long term fiscal challenges facing all levels of government in New Jersey.

Excellence in Giving Series
Guiding Beliefs and Principles: includes a wealth of insights and tips related to board governance, legal compliance, grantee communications, fiscal responsibility, public disclosure, and many other key areas of foundation governance and operations. What Every Grantmaker Should Know & Frequently Asked Legal Questions: a guide to help the state’s philanthropic community understand what are the ethical, legal, and fiduciary requirements and obligations.

Add Your Leadership Voice to a CNJG committee

Membership in the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers offers grantmakers the opportunity to deepen their experience with the organization by serving on a Board committee, co-chairing an affinity group, or serving on CNJG’s board of trustees. Committee members lead, recommend and develop policies that help us shape our organization. Affinity Group co-chairs work with CNJG staff to develop programs for the members. The board offers fiduciary and governance responsibilities for the entire organization.

Unique Benefits for Specific Members

For Family Foundations:
Family Ties newsletter
Family Philanthropy Online webinars with National Center for Family Philanthropy
Family Foundation listserve
Family foundation members can access family foundation resources in the National Center for Family Philanthropy’s Knowledge Center.

For Corporate Members:
Corporate Philanthropy Brief newsletter
A New Jersey Corporate Philanthropy Network Affinity Group
Corporate Funders listserve

To learn more about CNJG membership, contact Craig Weinrich.