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CNJG’s listserves facilitate ongoing group e-mail discussions among subscribed members. Members can share information and expertise, ask questions, and gather opinions of colleagues across the network. Listserves also enable members to get the most up-to-date information on related programs being offered throughout the field.

These listserves can be a great resource if members participate on a regular basis. You can use the listserves to:

  • Pose a question to the group.
  • Discuss and brainstorm issues related to New Jersey grantmaking.
  • Request assistance on a specific topic, problem or issue.
  • Alert members about time-sensitive or other helpful information. 

Members are automatically included in relevant listserves based on their member profiles. You can begin using the listserves to communicate with your colleagues as soon as you’d like. Please refer to the Listserves’ Membership Policies for information on using the listserves.

CNJG now offers 25 list serves.

  • Bergen Funders
  • Camden Funders
  • Community Foundation CEO’s (this list connects to a national listserve for Community Foundation CEO’s)
  • CNJG Member CEO's
  • CNJG Member CFO’s and Finance Managers
  • CNJG Member Communications Staff
  • COVID-19 Funders
  • Culture Funders
  • Corporate Funders
  • Disaster Response Funders
  • Education Funders
  • Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy
  • Environmental Funders
  • Family Funders
  • Food Funders
  • Health and Aging Funders
  • Newark Education Funders
  • Newark Funders
  • New Jersey Census Funders
  • Paterson Funders
  • Racial Equity Funders
  • South Jersey Funders
  • STEAM Funders
  • Strong and Thriving NJ Community Funders
  • Trenton Area Funders

If you would like to join, opt out, have questions, comments or concerns about the listserve, please contact Craig Weinrich at (609) 414-7110 x802.