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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Native Voices Rising is a joint research and re-granting project of Native Americans in Philanthropy and Common Counsel Foundation. This report focuses on the practices and challenges of community organizing and advocacy, focusing on the need for increased investment in and sustained support for American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities.

This online report highlights work by key nonprofit organizations working in Tribal communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Attention to the role of gender is most useful with programs that seek to change unhealthy behaviors, such as reproductive health and teen pregnancy, gender-based violence, substance abuse and educational under-achievement. This guide suggests that funders can work to improve program outcomes by helping the funding community and grantees recognize how men and women are affected by disparities in social expectations, such as codes of manhood and womanhood.

Audience: All Funders

This report summarizes challenges to economic and business development in Native American communities.  These challenges were identified during the 2011 Growing Economies in Indian Country: Taking Stock of Partnerships and Progress (GEIC) workshop series. 

Report generated by the U.S. Department of Education following six official consultations with tribal leaders and American Indian educators across the country in 2010.

This white paper examines the relationship between encouraging sustainable communities and enhancing access to opportunity for lower-income people and people of color.

Audience: All Funders

This report from the California Endowment presents finding from a study of health disparities and trauma among African-American and Latino/ Hispanic boys, the underlying social inequality and negative neighborhood conditions, the need for a healing approach and best practices for overcoming dispa

Audience: All Funders
African American family foundations have grown in number and in popularity, at least in part due to the fact that African Americans expressly prefer giving to organizations that are close to them and that aid their community.
Audience: Family Foundation
This brochure will explain why grantmaking within communities of color is important, how racial, ethnic and tribal philanthropists structure their giving, and how you can support these donors.
Audience: All Funders

A focus on racial equity can increase your effectiveness at every stage of the grant making process.

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