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About Philanthropy

Expanding Minds and Opportunities is a collection of articles presenting examples of effective practices, programs and partnerships demonstrating the power of afterschool and summer learning opportunities to support student success.

Audience: All Funders

This paper explores community democracy as a cultural choice and a potential organizing system for philanthropy using stories that demonstrate its principles and practices, primarily growing from the experience of northern California communities. 

A working glossary of terms to help shape a common language for work in Community Capacity. 

By enlisting all sectors to work together, a new kind of community collaborative is making strides toward tackling powerful social issues in communities.

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How Can Grantmakers Focus on Nonprofit Talent to Grow Impact? explores the importance of supporting nonprofit talent development, the unique talent needs of nonprofits seeking to grow their impact and how grantmakers can help.

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This updated edition of a GrantCraft guide reflects key changes in philanthropy, from the rise of social media to a growing tendency to scan continuously for changes and opportunities.

Find key terms frequently used to describe philanthropy in this glossary developed by the United Philanthropy Forum.

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Creating a New World of Learning: A Toolkit for Changemakers is a guide to help individuals and organizations become active catalysts and creators of a new world of learning. This new world of learning will:

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Read this blueprint for family engagement, providing strategies and approaches to involving the next generation.

Audience: Family Foundation

This TCC Briefing Paper positions R&D as an alternative to "traditional evaluation" as a way to improve social innovation in the nonprofit sector.

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