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Community Foundation

CNJG is pleased to offer this webinar series designed by our colleague Philanthropy Serving Organizations from three Midwest states.

Join community foundation staff and boards from across the country and get ready to invest in yourself with a guide to everything your foundation does and can do in the community.

Assessing the performance of a foundation is notoriously challenging, but it is crucial to learning and improvement. 

Sample job descriptions for President and CEO or Executive Director positions at community foundations.

What comes after “strategic...?” If you said, “planning,” you’re not alone. And for many leaders of community foundations, especially small ones who don’t have the time or money for a big process, anxiety is the feeling that follows. If that’s the case, this guide is for you.

Community foundations are beginning to deepen and shift how they work, adopting an anchor mission that seeks to fully deploy all resources to build community wealth. Moving into territory relatively uncharted for community foundations, they are taking up impact investing and economic development — some in advanced ways, others with small steps. This report offers an overview of how 30 representative community foundations — including The Seattle Foundation, the Vermont Community Foundation, and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation — are working toward adopting this new anchor mission.

How the government can partner with impact investors to unleash new capital, talent and energy for maximum impact.

This publication from Grantmakers for Effective Organizations offers a framework for thinking about how to measure progress and results in place-based and community change initiatives. 

Sample bylaws for Community Foundations.

Topic: Governance

Sample conflict of interest policies for Community Foundations.

Topic: Governance