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Sample Document/Template

The Johnson Center for Philanthropy has developed this new Program Officer Competency Model©. A competency model delineates the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) that are required for effective performance in a particular job or profession.

Audience: All Funders

Guide your philanthropy clients through the complexities of their work in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) with our DEI Toolkit for Consultants to Grantmakers.

This toolkit presents easy-to-use resources to help nonprofits and funders take action to advance talent justice. The tools can be used by both nonprofits and funders to increase their investments in talent justice at all stages of the nonprofit career lifecycle.

Sample job descriptions for President and CEO or Executive Director positions at community foundations.

Getting Started with Social Media: A Strategy Toolkit for Nonprofits is a free toolkit from The Rita Allen Foundation designed to help small nonprofits. It includes useful checklists, worksheets, and tips on how to use data to tell your story.
This toolkit includes a number of tools for Steering Committee Working Groups as they form, determine strategic direction, develop implementation plans, and identify measurement indicators.
Audience: All Funders
Topic: Governance

Grantmaking at the Crossroads is a workbook designed to provide foundations with a new grantmaking methodology that works at the intersection of place, population, and issue.

Audience: All Funders
Topic: Grantmaking

More than a decade ago, the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers and Philanthropy New York spearheaded a project to develop common application and report forms to help streamline the grant application process and ease the often time-consuming grant preparation process.

Sample bylaws for Community Foundations.

Topic: Governance

Sample conflict of interest policies for Community Foundations.

Topic: Governance