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Management & Leadership Development

Increasingly, foundations are investing in deep community listening before they design strategies and approaches for capacity building with nonprofit grantees.

Audience: Family Foundation

Forging an Effective Relationship With Those Above, Below and Beside You

Join us for this program, presented by Margaret Della, Program Director at the Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership, Rutgers Business School.

From Schoolyard Bullying and Culture Wars to a Polarized Democracy: What Role can Philanthropy Play in Restoring Civility to our Society?

Audience: All Funders

This second edition of the Diversity Among Philanthropic Professionals (DAPP) Report offers a snapshot of the philanthropic sector’s workforce in a very specific space and time — in the chaotic year that was 2020.

Audience: All Funders

This introduction describes four skills that help leaders to achieve better and more equitable results. The skills are part of Results Count™, the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s competency-based approach to leadership development.

CNJG's 2018 Annual Meeting & Holiday Luncheon pre-meeting workshop with Michelle Greanias from PEAK Grantmaking focused on how foundation CEO’s, program officers, staff, and trustees could engage internally to put values-based grantmaking into practice. 

Audience: All Funders

Assessing the performance of a foundation is notoriously challenging, but it is crucial to learning and improvement. 

After more than 15 years promoting grantmaker practices that support nonprofit results, GEO is convinced that a strong culture inside foundations is critical for effective philanthropy. It’s virtually impossible to operate as an ally and partner to nonprofits if you are working inside a foundation whose values and culture run counter to that spirit.

Audience: All Funders