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Central Corridor Funders Collaborative

Central Corridor Funders Collaborative

Publication Date: 
December, 2016

The Funders Collaborative was an innovative partnership supported by 14 local and national foundations. The collaborative supplemented the programs and grantmaking of its member foundations by working with community organizations, the business sector and public agencies to encourage collaboration, planning and investment “beyond the rail.”

The Green Line opened in June 2014, and the Funders Collaborative concluded its work two years later in June 2016 as planned.

The Funders Collaborative was founded with a belief in light rail’s potential for benefiting the people and places closest to the line. The collaborative envisioned stable, thriving neighborhoods throughout the corridor that reflect community identities and link all people to regional opportunities and local amenities.

The Funders Collaborative concluded its work in June 2016 as planned. The final report and archives document the accomplishments and learnings of this innovative partnership have been archieved for learning purposes.

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