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Bolder Advocacy


Bolder Advocacy

Publication Date: 
July, 2018
Alliance for Justice

Bolder Advocacy works across the country to guide you and your organization through the intricacies of advocacy, to help you understand what’s allowable under the law, to build confidence, and to give you the tools you need to conduct effective advocacy..

Bolder Advocacy is a program of the Alliance for Justice – a national association of 130 organizations that are united by a commitment to a fair, just, and free America where everyone has equal access to justice and can fully participate in our democracy.

Bolder Advocacy gives foundations and their grantees the tools and the confidence to advocate effectively. Foundations and nonprofits turn to us when navigating complex rules governing advocacy, and we work every day to protect and expand the rights of nonprofits and foundations to advocate. Bolder Advocacy can equip your foundation’s staff and trustees with the information and strategies they need to better leverage critical dollars, expertise, and people.

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