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Issue Briefing

Philanthropic organizations of all shapes and sizes are well positioned to support Communities for a Lifetime (CfaL). This issue brief explores four roles for philanthropy in advancing CfaL work.

As older adults are increasingly choosing to age in place, cross-cutting issues are coming to the forefront – the quality of care received by disabled or chronically ill older adults in their own homes, and the quality of the jobs of the caregivers who provide this care.

Native Voices Rising is a joint research and re-granting project of Native Americans in Philanthropy and Common Counsel Foundation. This report focuses on the practices and challenges of community organizing and advocacy, focusing on the need for increased investment in and sustained support for American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities.

NCRP reports that the current practice of strategic philanthropy typically favors short-term metrics, is largely disconnected from grantees and the communities these nonprofits serve, and usually lacks authentic feedback to inform the strategies. Unless grantmakers explicitly address the needs of underserved communities and invest in policy and community engagement – strategies long practiced by social justice philanthropists – they are unlikely to achieve their goals.

Audience: Program Staff
A Market Emerges: The Six Dynamics of Impact Investing reports trends and challenges in the field of impact investing.
Audience: Corporate Giving
Topic: Finance

What factors should you consider if you want your grant investment to have the greatest impact on student academic success? Here's what funders need to know.

This report summarizes challenges to economic and business development in Native American communities.  These challenges were identified during the 2011 Growing Economies in Indian Country: Taking Stock of Partnerships and Progress (GEIC) workshop series. 

This document offers an agenda for corporate practitioners to align and engage their efforts with that of their core business and to use new resources and ideas to enhance their company’s positive impact on society.

Audience: Corporate Giving

Addressing a community’s information needs is a critical aspect of supporting a vibrant and healthy democracy. As community and place-based foundations increase their participation in this work, they realize they cannot do it alone.

Audience: All Funders

This advocacy and civic engagement toolkit is designed for private foundations that want to educate and encourage their grantees about getting involved in civic and policy activities to increase organizational capacity and impact. While its primary focus is on the grantmaking activity of foundations, the toolkit also addresses rules and guidance for policy involvement by foundation officials acting on behalf of their foundations.

Topic: Public Policy