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Case Study

From the Commonfund, these white papers on investment policy statements, spending policy, board governance and risk tolerance, together with their most recent studies of investments at private and community foundations, operating charities and nonprofit healthcare organizations are made available though CNJG's Investment Forum for Foundations and Endowments.
Audience: All Funders
Topic: Finance

This case study examines the experience of the Corporation for Supportive Housing as it worked with the nonprofit consultancy AchieveMission to understand and adopt better human capital management plans and practices.

Audience: All Funders

This report explores how 18 organizations raise and spend money and the role that reach and engagement play in their efforts to connect with audiences and derive revenue from those connections.

Audience: Program Staff

D5′s State of the Work 2013 features lessons learned from executives of the American Express Foundation, the Baltimore Community Foundation, Access Strategies Fund, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation,...

A growing number of foundations and philanthropists have elected to give away their money by a fixed date rather than establish perpetual foundations.

This report by the Philanthropic Collaborative is a first-of-its-kind IMPLAN economic analysis showing that foundation grantmaking supports 8.8 million jobs, billions of dollars in wages, and adds $570 billion to the GDP over generations.

Topic: Grantmaking

This report from the James Irvine Foundation provides practical tools to help you take on leadership roles in your community, with insights and experiences from a variety of community foundations.

The Ford Institute for Community Building,  a program of The Ford Family Foundation, works to help community leaders learn how to implement local solutions based on principles of effective community building. This paper describes the development and work of the The Ford Institute for Community Building.

This online report highlights work by key nonprofit organizations working in Tribal communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

This case study of the Council of Michigan Foundations' Peer Action Learning Network (PALN) is part of a report from New York University's Wagner Research Center for Leadership in Action. It explores the power of learning communities to build connections and knowledge to increase organizations’ community impact.

Audience: All Funders