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CNJG Formally Supports the Charitable Giving Incentive

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On February 27, 2013, CNJG submitted a statement for the official record of the House Committee on Ways and Means hearing on the charitable deduction. The hearing on February 14 heard from a number of nonprofit leaders, policy experts and academics from throughout the nation. The CNJG Board of Trustees formally adopted the position following much discussion and consideration. The central principle of our position is that any changes made to the tax code must continue to include an incentive for charitable giving. Not only was this the first time the CNJGl has submitted testimony, but it also marks the first time the CNJG Board of Trustees has taken a formal position on an issue in our 15 year history. This represents a real change in how the CNJG supports the work of our members and is a significant step in the policy and government relations arena for CNJG.