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Strategy & Collaboration

The Collaboration Prize is a $250,000 national award designed to identify and showcase models of collaboration among nonprofit organizations. It was created and funded by The Lodestar Foundation in collaboration with members of t

Audience: All Funders

A new report co-produced by the Philanthropy Awareness Initiative, the Williams Group, and the Communications Network, explores the value of foundation annual reports: why we do them and whether they do any good. Is there a better way for foundations to communicate about their work?

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The Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (Partnership) was a ten-year funder collaborative that sought to strengthen higher education in Africa.

While donor collaboration is not a new concept, the new economic reality has more and more families, foundations and companies looking towards collaboration as a tool to increase their impact on the issues they care about

What is the right relationship between philanthropy and government?

Audience: All Funders

Advancing Community Leadership Through Donor Engagement highlights five community foundations working creatively with donors.

This report explores how, through the Knight Community Information Challenge, community and place-based foundations are incorporating community information needs into their work for the benefit of both their communities and foundation missions and strategies.