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Strategy & Collaboration

Although co-funding is not a new idea recent efforts have contributed to a more sophisticated understanding of how to ensure that co-funding arrangements have the desired impact. This report is part of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations' Scaling What Works initiative.

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How Can Grantmakers Focus on Nonprofit Talent to Grow Impact? explores the importance of supporting nonprofit talent development, the unique talent needs of nonprofits seeking to grow their impact and how grantmakers can help.

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Grantmakers for Effective Organizations' Collaborative Funding for Greater Impact explains the mechanics of forming and managing a co-funding partnership and offers takeaways for how this experience can apply to other communities.

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This report highlights three philanthropic efforts to build the capacity of local communities in the West - The Ford Family Foundation’’s Ford Institute Leadership Program, the Northwest Area Foundation’’s Horizons Program, and the Orton Family Foundation’’s Heart and Soul Community Planning Program.

The purpose of this report from CF Insights is to provide guidance to those interested in examining the potential for shared success through mergers, affiliations, and alliances.

Addressing a community’s information needs is a critical aspect of supporting a vibrant and healthy democracy. As community and place-based foundations increase their participation in this work, they realize they cannot do it alone.

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A new wave of efforts designed to break the cycle of poverty and revitalize distressed communities is attracting attention and support from every segment of society. Prominent among these efforts are six emerging national networks: Building Sustainable Communities, Choice Neighborhoods, Promise Neighborhoods, Purpose Built Communities, Strive, and The Integration Initiative.

This guide developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors shows how individuals and family foundations can improve the lives of vulnerable children and families.