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Sixers Youth Foundation Make $120,000 Donation

Sixers Youth Foundation Make $120,000 Donation

Friday, March 22, 2024

The Philadelphia 76ers, looking to make an even greater impact in the community in which they train, are making a donation of $120,000 to the Camden County Police Department, the largest private donation ever.

The donation, made through the Sixers Youth Foundation, will fund youth fitness initiatives throughout Camden city, as it will be used to enhance and expand several programs in the Camden County Police Department’s Village Initiative, including the open gym and resource nights, Camden officials said.

Camden County Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli was floored by the gesture — but noted it follows the effort the team has been making for some time.

“From the start, this agency has been focused on community engagement and facilitating a lifelong dialogue in order to become part of the fabric of the city,” he said. “This investment by the Sixers underscores the importance of the work we do with our residents on daily basis with a focus on our youth in Camden.

“I want to thank them for walking the walk and being an important part of our village here in Camden County.”

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