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Innovative Actions to Support Healthy Leadership Transitions

Innovative Actions to Support Healthy Leadership Transitions

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 -
2:00pm to 3:15pm EDT
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This program is presented in partnership with the Maryland Philanthropy Network. As the number of organizations in funder portfolios who are undergoing a leadership transition grows, many common practices of funders, including a “Wait and see” approach, are failing organizations just when they need extra support. Given the deeply destabilizing impact of transitions and the steep increase in volume of transitions, it is more important than ever that funders embrace transitions as a normal yet fragile part of the organizational life cycle. Further, funders can develop better strategies for supporting leadership transitions involving BIPOC leaders.

Join this values-driven and action-oriented session with Leading Forward to learn from social sector professionals who are leaning into trust - and leaning into the change - with new strategies to support leaders who are leaving, leaders who are entering, and the board and staff who manage the change from old to new.

Session take-aways:
A framework and set of principles to rely on when building out grantmaking programs and cohorts related to leadership transitions for your grantees.
Deeper understanding of the unique challenges of BIPOC leadership transitions as well as the current context (large number of transitions, shorter tenures for leaders, etc.).
Practical considerations for how to approach conversations about leadership transitions with your grant partners.
Strategies and tactics for supporting organizations before, during, and after leadership transitions, particularly transitions involving BIPOC leadership.

Amalia Brindis Delgado, Chief Strategy Officer for the Panta Rhea Foundation
Ai Lun Ku, Principal of AiLun Ku Consulting, LLC
Sabrina Thornton, Program Officer, Creativity and Innovation for the T. Rowe Price Foundation
Lisa Kane, President of Firefly Advisors

COST: Free for CNJG Members and Non Member Grantmakers

This program is presented in partnership with the following philanthropy-serving organizations: Maryland Philanthropy Network, Council of New Jersey Grantmakers, Florida Philanthropic Network, Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Philanthropy Network, and North Carolina Grantmakers.

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