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Resource Guide

The following resources provide more information on the study of philanthropy, a relatively new field of academic interest.
Audience: All Funders
List of resources on communications and disclosure issues.
Audience: All Funders
This significant guide puts the tools of democracy into everyone's hands. Based on the best of Blandin Foundation's 20-year experience in developing community leaders, it gives community members the tools to bring people together to make changes.
This publication outlines the law and factors related to conflict of interest and includes examples of situations that foundations regularly encounter.
Topic: Governance

An excellent tipsheet of Do's and Don'ts during the interview process with media developed by Tom Wadsworth of Wadsworth Communications.

Audience: All Funders
This guide examines women's roles in philanthropy and features “how to” sections on creating and using a variety of forms of charitable giving, as well as working with professional advisers.