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This newly released toolkit from The Monitor Institute aims to help community philanthropy organizations apply innovation and design methodologies to think creatively about their business models and the broader future of the field.

Nonprofit Finance Fund's Annual Survey chronicles the challenges facing the nonprofit sector and calls out some of the targeted investments we can start to agree on as a society to salvage the investment we have collectively made in our social infrastructure.

Audience: All Funders

Despite a field replete with research, analysis, recommended policies and practices — not to mention an abundance of educational programs and frameworks for grantmaking to diverse communities — philanthropic leaders have been slow to advance these values in their foundations.

Audience: All Funders
How does the public view philanthropy? Explore a humorous, fast-paced video of public interviews from the Minnesota Council on Foundations.

In a series of four podcasts, GrantCraft explores the values, motivations, and stories of the up-and-coming generation of philanthropists.

This PowerPoint presentation developed by Southeastern Council of Foundations provides an excellent overview to the pros and cons of different philanthropic structures for Corporate entities, including Corporate Foundations, Corporate Giving Programs, and working through Community Foundations.

Audience: Corporate Giving

This presentation by legal and financial advisers at a Washington state community foundation convening covers danger areas for donor advised funds, fiscal sponsorship, and Form 990 issues.

Topic: Finance
An interview conducted by The Nonprofit Quarterly with Kelvin Taketa, President and CEO of the Hawai’i Community Foundation, and Chris Van Bergeijk, HCF’s Vice President of Programs, in which they discuss nonprofits, philanthropy, and the nature of collaboration.
Audience: All Funders
An overview on the self-dealing law, including definitions, common problem areas, exceptions, penalties, and resources.
Topic: Governance

All online communities and social networks that rely on users to contribute content or build services share one property: most users don't contribute. Find out how participation inequality can affect your blog or online community from Jakob Nielsen.

Audience: All Funders