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Join Bromelkamp Company to learn about how their software solutions facilitate the work of more than 200 grantmakers internationally, including private and family foundations, public and community foundations, corporate giving programs and more.
Audience: All Funders

This monthly webinar series is scheduled to help guide any funders interested in getting on the map.

Audience: All Funders
Topic: Grantmaking

Join us for this fun and interactive exploration of how to frame and diagnose ethical dilemmas in family giving, featuring nationally acclaimed ethics consultant Michael Rion. This event is for CNJG Members only.

Audience: Family Foundation

This program is part of the Spark Session series under NCFP’s Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network. The series is designed for community foundations to exchange practical advice, tools, and tips from peers on aspects of their family philanthropy engagement. This event is for CNJG Members only.

Join us for a brief webinar to learn about the latest sustainable agriculture and food systems policy trends and hear about the efforts of a national group of funders collaborating on these issues. This event is for CNJG Members only

Join us for an in-depth look into fellowship programs, an emerging community-based approach to meeting your charitable giving missions. This event is for CNJG Members only

Audience: Family Foundation

Join us for this special webinar as we count and describe the many ways that philanthropic families work with the more than 800 community foundations spread across North America. This event is for CNJG Members only

Audience: Family Foundation

Join us for a webinar about the latest state fiscal trends impacting philanthropy, nonprofits and those they serve.

Audience: All Funders

What is your family’s dream for philanthropy? Are you primarily interested in achieving a particular grantmaking mission? Or are you interested in creating an opportunity for family members to come together and strengthen family ties through philanthropy and service to others? For many philanthropic families, the answer to this question is not either/or – it’s both. This event is for CNJG Members only.

We all have a voice. And we all have vibrant networks - friends, family, and peers that fuel our collective world. Join us to learn about how you can use your voice and community to advocate - beyond dollars - for the causes that matter most to you. This webinar is the final webinar of a four part series. This event is for CNJG Members only.