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New Jersey Principles for Philanthropy Background

New Jersey Principles for Philanthropy Background

After a recommendation from the Racial Equity Task Force, now the Racial Equity Committee of CNJG’s board, the CNJG Board of Trustees approved and adopted the New Jersey Principles for Philanthropy, our equity principles. These Principles are a complete overhaul of CNJG’s Guiding Beliefs & Principles for New Jersey Grantmakers last revised in 2007. No longer a binary option, these Principles use a developmental framework and understand that each organization – and individual in philanthropy - has its own starting point and journey. In 2024, CNJG will create tools and resources to help members and other philanthropic organizations and individuals on their own equity journeys. Wherever you see your organization on the spectrum of learning, these New Jersey Principles for Philanthropy offer an opportunity for shared learning and evolving, leadership, and trusting relationships among funders and with your nonprofit partners.

CNJG’s membership is comprised of many varieties of philanthropic organizations, including, but limited to private foundations, public charities, corporate giving programs and foundations, family foundations, government agencies, and more. Each organization will interact with these principles in their own way. Furthermore, staff, board, volunteers, and donors of the organizations will start and journey through the different developmental levels in their own way.

Although we are not requiring CNJG members to “sign onto” these Principles, we do hope that the New Jersey Principles for Philanthropy become a framework and a tool for your organizational development.

CNJG gratefully acknowledges the Minnesota Council on Foundations for laying the groundwork for these New Jersey Principles for Philanthropy.