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Family Foundation

This guide developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors shows how individuals and family foundations can improve the lives of vulnerable children and families.

An article by Alice Buhl introduces a wide range of models from which families can choose to determine how to compose board, staff or advisory committees.

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This research into the state of philanthropic learning finds that foundations over-invest in stand-alone learning activities and publishing “lessons learned” at the end of a program.
Topic: Finance

Seven tips for running a successful family foundation by Advisor Perspectives.

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African American family foundations have grown in number and in popularity, at least in part due to the fact that African Americans expressly prefer giving to organizations that are close to them and that aid their community.
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These guides are designed to help foundations consider how more diverse and inclusive practices might advance their mission by making their work more effective and more reflective of communities served. By highlighting 10 ways foundations can approach diversity, this guide seeks to spark ideas and launch further dialogue.

This study of family foundations in 2008 summarizes key findings regarding how many active family foundations are planning to spend down or exist in perpetuity (or have not yet made a decision), and examines their motivations and decision-making.

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This research documents how 15 nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles County and their allies leveraged foundation grants to secure nearly $91 of benefit for every dollar spent for Los Angeles citizens.

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Sample job descriptions for positions at Family Foundations.

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A sample document detailing the core values of the Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation including restrictions on participation on nonprofit/grantee boards.