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Corporate Giving

These models provide examples of advocacy-focused efforts that could have useful implications for funding collaborative communications strategies and infrastructure in grassroots organizing groups.

Planning to Win: The Just Enough Guide for Campaigners uses a six-step process to help organizations and coalitions build effective plans that lead to winning behavior, corporate or policy change campaigns.

Audience: Corporate Giving

Nonprofits can and should play an active role during elections, particularly by educating and activating voters. However, with important local, state and federal elections coming up this fall, nonprofits should take the time to remind their staff about appropriate activity during a political campaign or at any other time.

Topic: Public Policy
Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Giving finds that companies are creating new giving models to attract younger employees and to ensure their programs remain relevant and vibrant.
Audience: Corporate Giving

This piece captures five key insights to guide organizations as they develop ongoing Measurement, Learning, and Evaluation plans to achieve greater social impact.

D5′s State of the Work 2013 features lessons learned from executives of the American Express Foundation, the Baltimore Community Foundation, Access Strategies Fund, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation,...

This PowerPoint presentation developed by Southeastern Council of Foundations provides an excellent overview to the pros and cons of different philanthropic structures for Corporate entities, including Corporate Foundations, Corporate Giving Programs, and working through Community Foundations.

Audience: Corporate Giving
Snapshot: Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Giving reveals the most dramatic shift in employee giving over the past decade.
Audience: Corporate Giving
Topic: Grantmaking
A Market Emerges: The Six Dynamics of Impact Investing reports trends and challenges in the field of impact investing.
Audience: Corporate Giving
Topic: Finance

This document offers an agenda for corporate practitioners to align and engage their efforts with that of their core business and to use new resources and ideas to enhance their company’s positive impact on society.

Audience: Corporate Giving