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2020 Foundation Benefits and Salary Survey

2020 Foundation Benefits and Salary Survey

In 2020, CNJG will again gather salary and benefits information from our members to generate our 2020 New Jersey Foundation Benefits And Salary Summary Report. There are two major parts: The Council on Foundation’s Salary Survey and the CNJG Benefits Survey.

Council on Foundations (CoF) Salary Survey 
The salary survey will be administered by our partners, the Council on Foundations. This is a nationwide effort by CoF and other Philanthropy-Serving Organizations across the country, to benchmark the salaries of employees at foundations, corporate giving programs, and other philanthropic organizations.

CNJG is asking our members to complete this survey. The more data CoF can gather, the better and more accurate the results will be for the philanthropic community both in the state and nationally. CNJG will receive the raw data from CoF, and, depending on how many New Jersey-based foundations complete the salary survey portion, we will present the salary data to our members comparing New Jersey salaries to a larger regional comparison group (most likely the Mid-Atlantic region) to the aggregated national responses in the forthcoming 2020 New Jersey Foundation Benefits and Salary Summary Report.

The CoF survey is now open, and they are asking for your response by May 31.

What’s the benefit of participating?
All survey participants will receive the full report, the board compensation report, and access to the benchmarking platform to create custom reports – for FREE. The full report retails for $438 and will release in October.

For almost three decades, foundations have relied on the GSB data to determine their budget, talent recruitment and retention strategies, as well as benchmark personnel policies, practices, and more.

How do we participate?
Designate one or more individuals from your team to represent your organization. Multiple individuals from the same organization can work on your submission simultaneously. If you participated in the 2019 survey, go to Benchmark Central and log in using your credentials to start the survey. If you did not participate in the 2019 survey, email the first and last name, title, and email for each individual needing access to [email protected].

If you do not recall your password, please use the password reset function.

What information will I need?
Answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a list of documents needed to complete the survey are available on CoF’s website.

All surveys must be completed by 5 p.m., Sunday, May 31. For more information, visit or email [email protected].

Both CNJG and CoF recognize that many organizations are experiencing business disruptions related to the COVID-19 outbreak, so we understand that you may not be able to prioritize participation in the 2020 salary survey right now. We encourage you to take a moment to share your intentions with CoF by logging in and selecting "We WILL participate" or "We will NOT participate" on the first page of the survey.

CNJG Benefits Survey
CNJG and our members wanted more specific questions about the benefits offered to their employees, board, and more. Therefore, CNJG created our Foundation Benefits Survey that will gather this comprehensive data specific to New Jersey’s grantmaking community. The benefits information will be presented in the same report with the salary summary, creating the 2020 New Jersey Foundation Benefits and Salary Survey Summary Report which will be available for CNJG members only. Similar to the survey we conducted in 2017, the survey is online, making it easier to skip sections that do not apply to your organization.

Once CNJG analyzes the benefits survey, and receives the CoF salary data, we will generate and distribute the 2020 New Jersey Foundation Benefits & Salary Summary Report. Developed exclusively for our members, the Summary Report will present the comprehensive benefits data specific to New Jersey's grantmaking community, alongside the data from the Council on Foundations' annual salary survey. Members tell us that this document is one of the most important and effective benchmarking tools for our field.

CNJG will ask for this data from our members after May. If you want to submit your information before then, please email Craig Weinrich, CNJG’s Director of Member Service.

CNJG's past Summary Reports may be found on our website:
2017 New Jersey Foundation Benefits & Salary Summary Report, release in September 2017
2014 New Jersey Foundation Benefits & Salary Summary Report, released in February 2015
2011 Mid-Atlantic Foundation Benefits & Salary Summary Report, released in June 2012

All of the FAQs for CNJG’s Benefit Survey may be found on here on our website.