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9 out of 10 members strongly recommend membership to others

“The Council provides a network where I can tap into colleagues who may have valuable experience with an issue, grantee or vendor.  In addition, Council research can prove extremely useful for any number of decisions, large or small.”
-Etta Denk, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Bank of America

“The programs and seminars that CNJG produces are always substantive.  From a professional development point of view Council membership is extremely cost effective.“
–Marion O’Neill, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, PSEG

“Our CNJG membership has helped us to be more effective and efficient grantmakers, and allows us to tap into the expertise of the broader philanthropic community.”
-Bill Gibson, Trustee, Leavens Foundation

“One of the greatest benefits has been the opportunity to meet people who are working in much larger foundations...people who are doing things on a different scale, and to be able to hear what they’re doing and learn from them.”
-Sharon Karmazin, President, The Karma Foundation

“Access to the Family Foundation teleconferences has been helpful. What we have listened to has been good, engaged  discussion germane to family foundations, in particular issues around multi-generational family philanthropy and the dynamics on such Boards.”
- Dillard Kirby, President & Director, F.M. Kirby Foundation

To learn more about CNJG membership, contact Craig Weinrich at (609) 341-2022 ext. 4215