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Taking the 2023 New Jersey Philanthropy Benefits and Salary Survey

Taking the 2023 New Jersey Philanthropy Benefits and Salary Survey

During 2023, , CNJG will again gather salary and benefits information from our members to generate our 2023 New Jersey Philanthropy Benefits And Salary Summary Report. There are two major parts: The Council on Foundation’s Salary Survey and the CNJG Philanthropy Benefits Survey.

Council on Foundations Salary Survey 
The Salary Survey is being administered by our partners, the Council on Foundations (CoF) and the link to complete their survey is here. The deadline is May 12, 2023. This is a nationwide effort by CoF and our colleague Philanthropy Supporting Organizations, to benchmark the salaries of employees at foundations, corporate giving programs, and other philanthropic organizations.

CNJG Philanthropy Benefits Survey
CNJG and our members wanted more specific questions about the benefits foundations offered to their employees, board, and more that were not asked on CoF’s Salary Survey. Therefore, CNJG created our Philanthropy Benefits Survey that will gather this comprehensive data specific to New Jersey’s grantmaking community. The information collected from our benefits survey will be presented along with the salary survey information from CoF to create our 2023 New Jersey Philanthropy Benefits and Salary Survey Summary Report, which will be available to CNJG members and any philanthropic organization in New Jersey that completes our survey.

Similar to the survey we conducted in 2020, the survey is online, making it easier to skip sections that do not apply to your organization.

Your participation in both parts of the 2023 Survey is essential to producing this useful benchmarking resource.

Details for CNJG’s survey will be announced soon.