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Voter Engagement Toolkits for Foundations

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April, 2018
Council on FoundationsIndependent SectorNonprofit VOTE

Nonprofit VOTE, Council on Foundations and Independent Sector collaborated to publish a set of practical tools for foundations looking to support nonpartisan voter engagement activities in their programs or grantmaking. The Voter Engagement Toolkit for Community Foundations and the Voter Engagement Toolkit for Private Foundations, are comprehensive resources to help any foundation engage their grantees, donors, and communities in new ways to help elevate our democracy and the voices of the people they serve. The toolkits take a deep dive into four strategies – Communications, Nonprofit Trainings and Funder Collaborations, Language in Grant Agreements and RFPs, and Voter Engagement Grantmaking – as well as Policy and Research for Candidate Education. In addition to these guides, there are over 20 case studies of diverse nonprofits across the nation that highlight these strategies.

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