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Generations Together: A Curriculum for Engaging Youth in Family Philanthropy

Publication Date: 
February, 2016
National Center for Family Philanthropy

Philanthropy is a powerful mix of possibility, responsibility, learning and inspiration. It’s the chance to make a difference, using your own and your family’s unique gifts.

For many families, engaging their children is an important step along their philanthropic journey. Giving together — and giving effectively — are often the dual goals of philanthropic families.

Generations Together is many things: a curriculum that could be followed step-by-step for a comprehensive learning experience, a collection of resources to tap when the time is right, or an ongoing source of inspiration and ideas. It was designed for giving families at every phase—whether you are just starting out or have been active for decades and generations.

The curriculum provides a path for learning and engagement. Most of the information and resources identified here target young people between the ages of 12 and 24. But many could be used with children as young as 6 and some are for those over 40!

Through a series of five Modules, it offers information, resources, ideas for activities and links to other supports for you and your family. In each Module, there are resources for different learning styles: Read, Tune-in, and Do. We’ve included lots of real life examples from giving families.