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Westfield Foundation Grants Over $278,000 in 2018

Westfield Foundation Grants Over $278,000 in 2018

Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Westfield Foundation in 2018 distributed over $278,000 in grants to 26 different agencies including the Westfield Service League, Our House Foundation, Flintlocks BSA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Alzheimer’s Association, Arts Power and the YWCA Union County.

The diversity of grant recipients is a testament to the fact that the Foundation's grants impact many lives. The foundation focuses on four sectors: arts, education, health and social services. In 2018, 46 percent of the grants were for educational requests, 5 percent for health, 44 percent for social services and civic and 5 percent for the arts.

Grants from the Foundation help individuals and agencies launch promising civic projects, so they can become sustainable agencies that meet a specific community need. In 2018, the Foundation provided a major grant toward the renovation of Mindowaskin Park, which recently opened to the public.