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SUEZ Announces $1.75 Million in COVID-19 Grants

SUEZ Announces $1.75 Million in COVID-19 Grants

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

In the face of a pandemic that has created unprecedented suffering across the United States and Canada, SUEZ, which operates in North America as SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions and SUEZ North America, is earmarking a donation of $1.75 million that will be directed to food pantries, health care facilities, United Way, and similar COVID-19 emergency response organizations.

“We are redirecting our philanthropic focus during this crisis from major environmental initiatives to helping those charitable organizations serving on the front lines who require immediate, substantial, and sustained assistance,” said Nadine Leslie, Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ North America. “This virus has had a huge impact on our society and we cannot be idle as an organization when so many people, many of whom have dedicated their lives to helping others, now need our help.”

SUEZ plans to contribute to several organizations that can have an immediate impact on communities throughout North America.