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For SDG Success, We Need a Bigger Table

For SDG Success, We Need a Bigger Table

Monday, October 2, 2017

In the two years since the Sustainable Development Goals have come into play, there has been a steady increase in private sector involvement. To push forward in eliminating extreme poverty, combating climate change, and tackling gender equality, new partnerships and commitments at a larger scale are needed among all sectors.

Michael Bzdak, global director of employee engagement at Global Community Impact at Johnson & Johnson, believes nongovernmental organizations are well-positioned to turn up their advocacy efforts, and get the right players to the table in making and following through on new commitments and partnerships. Bzdak underscored how working with NGO partners encourages more businesses to take action, commit resources, and engage employees — especially youth — to be drivers of change.

“We're looking to our partners to bring us and our peers to the table, in order to scope projects together that best support people on the frontlines of care. Projects where we can plug in resources, our employees can lend their resolve to make meaningful differences, and where together we can leverage collective skill, competency, and passion to solve real-world problems affecting communities.” he said.