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Rita Allen Foundation Announces $710,000 in Grants

Rita Allen Foundation Announces $710,000 in Grants

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rita Allen Foundation Announces $710,000 in Grants for New Ventures in Civic Information and Public Interest Technology

Information has the power to build understanding, change points of view, and help individuals and groups reach smarter decisions. Making sense of ever-expanding mounds of facts and figures often requires bringing together disparate areas of knowledge—science and journalism, computation and politics, or data science and public safety. Creative leaders from across these sectors are introducing new ways to connect citizens, journalists and others with valuable information that will help our society address some of its toughest challenges. 

“We are investing in innovative projects that seek to improve the quality and accessibility of information related to health, science, politics and citizenship,” said Elizabeth Good Christopherson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rita Allen Foundation. “These efforts hold great potential to advance civic engagement by making complex issues clearer and more approachable for broad audiences.”