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Prudential Donates 150,000 Face Masks and $1.5 Million to Global and Local Support

Prudential Donates 150,000 Face Masks and $1.5 Million to Global and Local Support

Monday, March 23, 2020

According to Newark-based Prudential Financial, one hospital treating COVID-19 patients in the state estimates it is using nearly 10,000 masks a day. They are running dangerously low, and shipments of new supplies are arriving too slowly, according to local officials.

On Monday, Prudential said it donated 153,000 face masks – including 75,000 n95 respirators – for health care workers in New Jersey, and committed $1.5 million in funding for local businesses and community support, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Based on the 10,000 per day estimate, Prudential’s supply should offer relief for more than two weeks of care.

Prudential, which maintains supplies as part of its emergency preparedness, has also donated 300 bottles of hand sanitizer.

“While the pandemic has become a global crisis, the fight against it is taking place locally and will be won at the community level,” said Charles Lowrey, Prudential’s chairman and chief executive officer. “Our cities, towns and neighborhoods have always been there for us, in good times and bad. Their health, well-being and prosperity are vital to our future. We will not let them down in this hour of need.”

Once identified, Prudential staff quickly alerted state officials over the weekend and by Sunday evening, they were loaded on a truck and ready for immediate distribution to local health facilities by the New Jersey State Police.

In addition to protective personal equipment, Prudential is contributing to organizations working directly to support small businesses, families in need and the nonprofit sector.