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The Power of Using Talent for Good

The Power of Using Talent for Good

Sunday, July 2, 2017

When considering the ways in which the private sector can advance global health and development and improve our world, a few obvious options come to mind.

Funding is usually high on the list, as is research and development, but other interventions are in demand. Business acumen, supply chain knowledge and monitoring and evaluation expertise are among the competencies that nonprofits are seeking from the private sector to make a stronger and more sustainable impact.

As most companies know, however, one of the most precious resources any organization has is its people. And their talents and altruism are important tools to leverage when seeking to make progress toward any philanthropic platform.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a perfect case in point. On the surface, the goals seemed overwhelming. Critics charged that there were too many goals, and that they were too broad to be achievable. But once understood, it became clear there are manageable sub-targets that provide a path forward.