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Op-Ed: Governor Must Release Remaining $16M in Frozen Nonprofit Funds

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Real lives are on the line. Nonprofits that provide critical services have already had to cut back staffing and program hours

It’s been three months since Gov. Chris Christie issued an executive order holding in reserve over $100 million that he had previously approved as part of the state budget package that he signed into law on June 30. A large portion of those funds – approximately $50 million – were earmarked for critical programs that nonprofit organizations provide: for victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse; courtroom advocacy for abused and neglected children; services for Holocaust survivors; housing and supportive services; prisoner reentry programs; small-business development centers; and many others. 

The governor has repeatedly conditioned the release of the funds on the achievement of health benefits savings for public employees and public retirees, a battle that does not involve nonprofit organizations and over which they have no influence.