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New Jersey Children’s Foundation Launches to Help Newark’s Education Future

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

As public education in Newark undergoes another major transition, a new non-profit organization is launching with a bold vision for what’s possible. The organization, named the New Jersey Children’s Foundation (NJCF), intends to show the rest of the nation that cities can move past the acrimony and us-versus-them politics of education reform to create systems of district and charter schools working together to improve opportunities for ALL children.

The new organization’s mission is to invest in people, programs, and partnerships that will improve public education systems by putting the interests of children first. Its vision is that each and every child will break down the walls of inequity through the creation of high-quality public education systems.

“Children have been the biggest beneficiaries of the improvements to public education in Newark over the last decade,” said NJCF Founder and Executive Director Kyle Rosenkrans. “But no one should run a victory lap until every child can get into a great public school.”

“That’s why Newark’s next phase of locally-driven leadership is so exciting. The city can show the nation that it’s possible for a system of district and charter schools to work together and expand educational opportunity.”