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I Am Trenton Launches Small Grants Program

Monday, August 31, 2015

The I Am Trenton Community Foundation has launched their fall Trenton Historic Development Collaborative (THDC) Small Grants Program.  The THDC Small Grants Program is intended to support projects or activities that will have a meaningful impact within the THDC neighborhood while strengthening the capacity of the grantee to accomplish more in the future.

Smaller, grassroots organizations, as well as community activists and non-incorporated groups, were a driving force in developing the THDC Plan. Many of these groups do important work in the THDC neighborhood, but do not, at present, qualify for funding through traditional sources. To support their efforts, and to build their capacity in the process, the Collaborative has set up the Small Grants Program in partnership with I Am Trenton Community Foundation and Isles, Inc. to support work in the THDC planning area.