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The Fund for New Jersey Awards $577,500 in Q4 Grants

The Fund for New Jersey Awards $577,500 in Q4 Grants

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Trustees of The Fund for New Jersey awarded $577,500 in grants to non-profit organizations at their December 2017 quarterly Board meeting. Grants were awarded to nine organizations in the areas of public media, anti-poverty, civil rights & criminal justice, education, HIV/AIDS prevention and non-profit advocacy.

Kiki Jamieson, President of The Fund for New Jersey, stated, “The Fund for New Jersey is proud to support these fine organizations working on important issues including efforts to reform the juvenile and criminal justice systems, expand high-quality journalism, promote opportunity and public investment, address school segregation, and prevent and treat HIV/AIDS in the state. ”

Jamieson added, “The Fund for New Jersey’s Board of Trustees have also committed up to $100,000 to support a complete count for Census 2020 for New Jersey. In 2010 the statewide net undercount was an estimated 31,000 residents, with hard-to-count communities such as immigrants, Native Americans, children under 5, people living in multifamily housing, non-native English speakers, and people who are homeless, disproportionately undercounted. The Census is an essential policy tool, which government depends on to allocate resources, draw legislative districts and to direct spending. Most of what we know about U.S. demographics comes from the Census, and academics, nonprofits, and businesses rely on it to inform and direct their work. The Fund for New Jersey welcomes other grantmakers, government partners, businesses, and community-based organizations to work together to support a complete count of all New Jerseyans for the 2020 Census.”