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Federal Policy and Funding Changes Briefings

Federal Policy and Funding Changes Briefings

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Over the past few weeks we have shared with you news of webinars that several national affinity groups and organizations are offering funders related to many of the federal policy and funding changes that have been proposed. I have to say, when these notices arrive from our national colleague organization, I experience a quiet sense of accomplishment. Here at CNJG we launched a webinar series for all our members on the implications of federal policy changes for New Jersey back in early March. The response to the content, as well as our responsiveness in offering the briefings, has been extremely positive. The seven briefings covered Immigration, education, environment, housing, healthcare, cultural agencies, and journalism. For those CNJG members that were not able to participate, we have the power point presentations available on our website but you must be logged in to access each.

As I said at the start of each briefing, none of us has a crystal ball and the various and extensive federal policy proposals are quite fluid. In fact, we had hoped to offer a briefing on the proposed tax reform changes but those remain too much up in the air at this point. However, we will definitely plan a briefing later in the year.

Time after time I hear from our members how much they appreciate the Council’s ability to respond to unfolding situations quickly and tap into expertise that can assist funders in their work to better understand the implications and ramifications. As a membership organization dedicated to your work, our nimbleness is a valued strength paramount to our New Jersey network. We rely on our members and colleagues to help us design the content and secure expert presenters. That said, responding to immediate issues sometimes means we must adjust and revise our planned docket. Our goal is to ensure funders have the best, most up-to-date, and targeted information available to deploy their resources and further their work. We saw this in our Superstorm Sandy work.

The one thing in our lives that is constant is change, and that feels even more true in our world right now. We will continue to do our best to help keep you informed and connected as it relates to your work as a funder. One of the most appreciated ways we do this is through our biennial Spring Conference so I hope you are planning to attend next week. We have almost 250 grantmaking colleagues and nonprofit leaders signed up to attend and registration remains open. I hope you will plan to join us for what I know you’ll find a fascinating, worthwhile day of learning, sharing of ideas, and networking.


Nina Stack, President
Council of New Jersey Grantmakers