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Bank of America Awards $817,000 in Grants to NJ Nonprofits

Bank of America Awards $817,000 in Grants to NJ Nonprofits

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has announced $817,000 in grants to 38 nonprofits in New Jersey focused on providing access for unemployed and underemployed people, veterans, youth and those with disabilities to job opportunities, training and mentor programs to ensure academic success. These grants are part of Bank of America's broader philanthropic investment in helping New Jersey residents lead stronger financial lives.

Low- and middle-income people in New Jersey are still struggling to find jobs due to the skills divide and a need for job training and post-secondary education.  Helping these individuals attain these skills is critical to growth in the state. The recognized nonprofits play a vital role in connecting low-income people to employment and academic success at their point of need. 

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