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After a Decade of Success, Newark Charter School Fund Will Close

After a Decade of Success, Newark Charter School Fund Will Close

Friday, November 22, 2019

When it comes to strengthening education in Newark, it is the dawn of a new day.

Over the last decade, the Brick City has seen a transformation in its education system, with benchmarks showing significant progress in areas including test scores and graduation rates for both charter and traditional public schools. With our education system back in local control, community stakeholders are charting a new course to build upon this progress and to ensure that it continues for all of our students. This includes calling for more collaboration between all schools in the city.

At the Newark Charter School Fund (NCSF), we have reached a point in our growth where we are excited to see that greater collaboration among all stakeholders has begun to sustain the progress that has been made and to help ensure that every student in Newark has access to a good school and high quality education.

To that end, In December of this year, NCSF will be concluding its public work in order to help empower other local stakeholders in their work toward a citywide vision for a high quality education for all Newark children.

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