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2018 Spring Colloquium Announced

2018 Spring Colloquium Announced

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Question…what industry would you say has changed the most in the past 10 years? In my view… its media, especially when you consider how profoundly different in composition and bigger in scope the industry is today as compared to a decade ago. Though newspapers are still with us, they are radically different in their scale, influence, approach, business model, and physical structure. “Reporters” are no longer confined to “paper-based” entities. And the era of the television networks giving us basically the same 30 minutes of national evening news is long gone. Now, there are for-profit and non-profit outlets. There are physical publications, TV networks, radio streams and digital sites—and some that are all of the above. And like it or not, there is real news and there is fake news.

Social media—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the others—meld our life events, with our opinions, our friends and colleagues, our next consumer purchase…and now, quite frightfully, high-jacked to manipulate our thinking and our communities. From talk radio we’ve seen the explosion of podcasts giving voice to every kind of thought leadership one can imagine—both insightful and terrifying. These are just a few of the “micro media revolutions” we are all experiencing.

For the social sector – funders and charities alike -- the implications of this in-your-face overhaul and the evolution of media are substantial. As a funder, our grantees are now facing a constant battle to be heard. How do we best build and consistently engage a community for your cause? What techniques can help our message rise above the barrage of media noise? Where are there promising communication and journalism practices that can be harnessed (not weaponized)?

Join us on May 24 for CNJG’s 2018 Spring Colloquium and learn how we can think about and address these issues. This year’s Conversation for the Social Sector will explore “Breaking Through in the New Media Paradigm” with four inspiring thought leaders, each bringing highly relevant perspectives on journalism, messaging and how foundations, and their grantees, can navigate in this new environment. The Council’s biennial Spring Colloquium remains a must attend gathering for any funder working in New Jersey. Learn more and register now.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Nina Stack, President
Council of New Jersey Grantmakers