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Family Foundations

Family Foundations

Family foundations represent approximately one-third of the membership of the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers. Each month, CNJG members have the opportunity to participate in interactive webinars featuring presentations and Q&A sessions with nationally recognized experts in different areas of family philanthropy. Presented in partnership with the National Center for Family Philanthropy, these webinars take place on the second Thursday of each month.

“One of the greatest benefits has been the opportunity to meet people who are working in much larger foundations...people who are doing things on a different scale, and to be able to hear what they’re doing and learn from them.” -Sharon Karmazin, President, The Karma Foundation

Join CNJG, and you will

  • Participate in Affinity Groups that deepen your understanding of needs and opportunities in areas within your foundation’s giving mission.
  • Connect to the experience, knowledge and best practices of other grantmakers throughout the country.
  • Get access to discounts on board liability insurance, technology and industry publications.
  • Take advantage of CNJG’s vast library of how-to resources.
  • Attend cost-effective, local, high-quality knowledge-building programs that will boost your operational effectiveness – online, by phone and in person. 
  • Save on CNJG’s signature events featuring national experts, workshops focused on skill-building and best practices, and networking opportunities.
  • Meet influential leaders and legislative decision-makers throughout New Jersey.

“Our CNJG membership has helped us to be more effective and efficient grantmakers, and allows us to tap into the expertise of the broader philanthropic community.” -Bill Gibson, Trustee, Leavens Foundation

Member Programs and Services Tailored to Family Foundations

CNJG offers a range of programs and events on specific topics of interest to members.  Recent programs include:

•  Engaging Future Generations
•  How to Do An Effective Site Visit
•  Successful Succession

CNJG maintains an extensive library of publications and materials on every aspect of foundation and non-profit management. For example:

•  Family Foundations & the Law
•  Creating a Giving Program
•  Small Foundation Management: From Groundwork to Grantmaking

Monthly Family Philanthropy Webinars feature national experts and practitioners who share their knowledge on a wide range of topics, like:

•  Raising Charitable Children
•  Effective Family Governance
•  New Trends in Family Philanthropy

“Access to the Family Foundation teleconferences has been helpful. What we have listened to has been good, engaged  discussion germane to family foundations, in particular issues around multi-generational family philanthropy and the dynamics on such Boards.” - Dillard Kirby, President & Director, F.M. Kirby Foundation

Family Philanthropy Online

In partnership with the National Center for Family Philanthropy, CNJG members have complimentary access to Family Philanthropy Online — a web-based knowledge center that provides practical advice and knowledge on a variety of relevant topics. Continually updated, the site provides members with access to the latest resources to inform their philanthropic efforts. Logged in CNJG members may access Family Philanthropy Online directly from our website through our members-only portal.

To learn more about CNJG membership, contact Craig Weinrich at (609) 341-2022 ext. 4215.