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What Every New Jersey Grantmaker Should Know About How Government Contracting Impacts Grantees

What Every New Jersey Grantmaker Should Know About How Government Contracting Impacts Grantees

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm EST
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In October 2010, the Urban Institute released a national study, in which New Jersey organizations participated, highlighting a series of pervasive problems nonprofits face when contracting with government -– from late payments to changing deliverables midway through the grant period to overly burdensome grant reporting expectations. Building on the 2010 study, the Urban Institute released its most recent survey Nonprofit-Government Contracts and Grants: Findings from the 2013 National Survey in December. The report provides an updated overview of the nonprofit contracting landscape.

Linda Czipo, Executive Director of the Center for Non-Profits, will give an overview of the contracting landscape in New Jersey and why this should matter to all grantmakers and nonprofits – whether they are or are not directly involved in government contracting. Among the questions we’ll explore:
•What are the challenges nonprofits face when contracting with government?
•What are the implications for program and service delivery?
•Are there innovative solutions and models in practice to address these issues?
•Is there a role grantmakers can play to help nonprofits overcome some of these challenges?
•How can we continue to advance this issue in New Jersey and nationally?

This telling webinar will provide insights regarding the challenges your grantees may be facing, and will help you think about how the philanthropic community can better work with nonprofits contracting with government.

Cost: CNJG Members: Free, Non-Member Eligible Grantmakers: $25

How Government Contracting Impacts Grantees Webinar


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