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Philanthropy Tech: How Grant-Makers Can Use Aggregated Social Media Content to Monitor Grantees and Find Foundation Partners in Real-Time

Monday, May 15, 2017 -
3:30pm to 4:30pm
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Are you interested in monitoring your grantees in real-time from your laptop?  Do you want to have richer, more current insights about your grantees to complement your traditional grant reports and site visits?  Would you like to build more enduring connections, peer learning, and collective action among your grantees?  Are you seeking to learn about unfamiliar regions of New Jersey where your foundation may want to award grants?  Do you want to keep tabs on what your sister foundations in New Jersey and across the United States are saying and doing within the last 30 minutes so you can learn from their strategies and find co-investment partners?

To help you realize these strategic grant-making goals, please join us for a guided webinar about the Torch platform with the co-founders of Torch, Rick Greenberg and Mike Seiler.  Torch is the first online communications, intelligence, and networking platform specifically designed for grant-making foundations based in the U.S.  The searchable Torch database consists of millions of real-time communications - social media posts, email blasts, and website homepage updates - from direct service and advocacy nonprofits and foundations in New Jersey and other states.  Grant-makers can search the Torch database and set up customized learning feeds by whatever keywords, issues, and zip codes they like to help their foundations more effectively and efficiently: 1) monitor and connect their grantees; 2) find new grantees; 3) learn about the field; and 4) identify foundation partners.

Cost: Free for CNJG Members/$35 for Non Member Grantmakers
This program is open to grantmakers only.

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